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The DNA of an IT Service Desk – Day 5 Finished

The week is over. Amazing responses and lots of food for thought.

I learned a lot from the comments. I will do a proper debrief over the weekend for Monday but for now I thought I would highlight the areas I think would be influenced by a cloud decision when considering the Service Desk. So here is the DNA timeline for the last 5 days with highlighted activities. I explain what they mean below.













RED CIRCLES – the activities that a cloud decision would directly influence and potentially remove as an effort to the desk. For example, if the server estate is moved to a private cloud environment managed by someone else then all the server activity would just go away ( depending on how many servers you move of course.) Single Sign on and password issues should be resolved because of cloud. To my mind you wouldnt move to a cloud platform if you made access for business users more complicated and cumbersome than before. There are others of course.

BLUE CIRCLES –  actvities that may be influenced ( good or bad  ) by a cloud decision. For example, Priority 1 incidents in theory should lower because of cloud resilience etc but there is still a good chance ( 50/50) that the cloud provider has an issue that partially or entirely affects a business function from operating. Cloud does not remove Priority 1 incidents accordingly.

DOTTED LINE CIRCLES – activities that could be reduced in time and effort due to a cloud decision. For example, requests for new apps or development resources could reduce dramatically when running in a cloud platform like Amazon AWS or using Office 365 for productivity apps. Of course just having the capability isnt the same as making it happen so there will need to be a full understanding of the end to end service to the business to ensure that such decisions actually do save time and money and not just become another barrier to business success. They shouldnt of course if researched, planned, testing and deployed correctly.

Anyway the whole point of this week has been to fire up examples of events on an imaginary service desk fuelled by your ideas and thoughts. The underlying objective was not to identify specific activities that cloud computing can improve, erradicate or optimize. Plenty of other people are much better placed. No the objective was to flag that when considering cloud decisions it is not enough to buy into the concept and infrastructure benefits like power, licensing, DR, access etc. Ignoring the impact on the service desk or giving it only partial attention is going to be a huge mistake and one that can hurt when services that were envisaged as improving through cloud suddenly deteroriate and  stakeholders question the decision in the first place.



The DNA of an IT Service Desk – A bit further

So its Thursday morning. The week is nearly over and some more great comments over night.

This is what i have now.

The DNA of a IT Service Desk – to date

After two days this is what i have.



Its very raw but i hope can see a picture building of what goes on. Where is it headed?

The bit that interests me the bit the most is what is the impact of cloud decisions on the typical service management week. I am starting from a position that without due diligence and understanding of service desk processes and cultures the decision to move to the cloud with all the promises of low cost, agility, business transformation etc is a false one and potentially a doomed one.

Behind this rough timeline are the following points;

what really happens on a desk each week? How long do things really take? The true elapsed time? My buckets are too convenient as they suggest things just neatly happen – i know they dont – so how do we measure elapsed time and does cloud reduce this elapsed time significantly enough so we can attribute better streamlined IT service. After all this is why we are here – right? What does the DNA map tell us about processes? Are they well defined and followed? or are we a bunch of heroes desperate for TGIF?

I could go on. Hugely interesting for me.

If someone could share a process rengineered because of a cloud decision that would be cool to share.


The DNA of an IT Service Desk

I hope you liked the video. Its very inspirational I  think.

So its Sunday evening and here is the background behind the next 5 days.

Imagine I’m the NUT in the video so hear me out.

I think people embark on cloud without giving the impact to IT process ( or HR process, or finance process or sales process ) the due diligence it totally needs. I think its a serious deal. I think it is the breaking point between success and failure. For some it could be business threatening. And the reason is that we are afraid of process. In fact for some the fear of process meltdown because of the introduction of cloud computing is sufficient for them to day no to cloud.

So lets cut to the chase and where I need your help.

There is no better place to judge the impact of a cloud decision than the good old IT Service Desk, so for the next 5 days I want to collect your experiences. Whether you are working on a IT service desk, managing one, using one as a user or trying to sell cloud to people with one, I want to understand the DNA of an IT service desk and the implications for cloud.

So I want you to consider what happens in a typical week. Like below.

  • Controlled events – planned activity that happens because it always do and it is controlled by someone. So it could be a Monday morning meeting, a daily check of an IT system or the pub on a Friday afternoon.
  • Uncontrolled events – the unexpected. You know – the server crash, the malware attack, the loss of a laptop.
  • New requests – a request from someone for something like a new starter needing IT kit or a request from the business for new software. Some people call these Moves and Changes.
  • Projects – something people are involved in over a period of time that is controlled ( most of the time ) like a task that needs to be done according to defined programme managed by someone

Four buckets. I need them filling. By you. I want to hear about specific processes or tasks you experience and any comments to support the way it works – good or bad. Dont mention names. Just give me basic details.

Call it the DNA of an IT Service Desk.

Why should you help me? No reason whatsoever. And if you dont them im the NUT in the video dancing alone 😦 But Im looking for my first follower. Go on.


If Cloud is the Answer and the Question is How To Get Better IT Service, where does the conversation start?

Wow…so i need you to listen quickly because I have set my self a personal challenge to do this blog post in 5 days FLAT. Thats it 5 days.

Why? Well because I want speed. I want to achieve something and I need your help. You? My trusted band of followers who have contributed to my blog over the last 18 months.

What’s it all about? Before I tell you I need you to watch a video about NUTS and FOLLOWERS. Lets say Im the NUT here; I need my first FOLLOWER. Watch the video it will become very obvious.

Then come to this post on Sunday and I will tell you what I need you to do!!

Brummieruss ( on a mission )